Press Release: Ethics Complaint filed against Representative Plasencia regarding Residency | Young Democrats of Orange County

Press Release: Ethics Complaint filed against Representative Plasencia regarding Residency

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May 13th, 2015



GOP lawmaker may have violated state law by falsely claiming to live in HD 49

Orlando, FL ­​- R​epresentative Rene Plasencia (R­-Orlando)​ will soon have to answer to the Florida Commission on Ethics. One of his constituents from House District 49, Jimmy Auffant, a founding member of the Young Democrats of Orange County Advisory Board, filed a complaint with the commission alleging that Plasencia still does not live in the district he currently represents in the Florida House in violation of statutory residency requirements on lawmakers. According to the complaint, Plasencia and his spouse currently live outside the district in a ​home they own ​in suburban Winter Park­­ an area represented by R​epublican Mike Miller (R­-Orlando).​ P​ublic records ​indicate that the address used by Plasencia to establish residency in the district he was elected to serve, is a​ctually the homestead residence of his father.​

“Rep. Plasencia was elected by a razor thin margin to represent the people of House District 49. How can he possibly represent our community if he doesn’t even live here?”, s​aid Jimmy Auffant who filed the complaint and serves as Secretary of the Florida Democratic Party. “​Plasencia really has no interest in being a voice for the people in our area. Less than 6 months after the election and he’s already declared his candidacy for another district so he never has to be accountable to the voters who elected him.”

Last month Plasencia f​iled paperwork to run for HD­-50​ in 2016, a safer Republican leaning district that stretches out to Brevard county. But this isn’t the first time he’s played musical chairs with legislative districts. In 2013, h​e told Sunshine State News ​he’d file to run in HD­47 against the former incumbent D​emocrat Linda Stewart.​ Plasencia lived in the district at the time, but may have never left according to the complaint.

“Rene Plasencia is more interested in finding the next district to run in, than actually serving the voters he claims to represent. After so many broken promises on health care, women’s reproductive rights, and gun safety voters should are left wondering­­ Who does Rene Plasencia really represent in Tallahassee?” ­​Jimmy Auffant, Florida Democratic Party Secretary

The Young Democrats of Orange County applaud and support Mr. Auffant’s courage to speak up.

“All Floridians deserve to have a voice in the State House so it is terrible that Plasencia would put his own political career above his constituents.” said Michelle Stile, President of the Young Democrats of Orange County .

**For more information and supporting documents on the complaint, please contact Orange Democrats at

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